Intellectual Capacity


                                                                         At first. 

We dwell on everything we cannot do.

We sleep, without being content, with what we did do.

What happens, when we realize we can do more, once our souls have overcome the difficulty of change?



Well, if everyone around you doesn’t know, then you don’t know?


Misconceptions truly run through the thoughts of the ‘unknown’.

The poor have no education.

The rich do.

This is why the poor are oppressed and the rich have control.


If you think that’s what it is.

  What if you decided to say, Screw that?

What if you said hold on?

My brain, is comparable to every one of these humans?

What if you said, my brains’ capacity is endless?

What if you said, you were never limited in the first place?


It’s easy to say, ‘That’s not for me’ or, ‘I am not smart enough to do that’, or ‘my attention span is too short’.

It’s easier to say that, than to focus in, on gaining information that could change you, right?

But, could it be just as easy, to take in anything, and everything you want? Learn from every tiny spec of atomic matter that is around you. Take in everything with your senses, using them wisely, throughout your journey. There is so much pressure, ‘to know’, when the pressure should be on to learn; heck maybe, we all need to know, to learn.

It’s hard.

It is hard. It’s hard to do things you do not think you can do, until you realize that you can do them. People are put into positions. Bad ones, good ones, and plain old average ones. But, how could that determine, the intellect of your soul? That wouldn’t be fair. Believe in God or not, we weren’t put here, to be told what we are. We are here to fulfill what we are.

Putting a cap, on intellectual capacity, could easily give way, into the world of under achieving idiots, who are the product of what society portrays them to be. Isn’t that the issue here? It is supposed to be survival of the fittest, we are supposed to have the battle of the minds; yet, some of us are here, doubting every single second, of the capabilities of the live wires that reside inside our soul.



Have you ever felt like, you did so much? But, it wasn’t nearly enough for you? Have you ever felt like you have such potential energy, but it hurts to become kinetic? Maybe its me. Maybe its confidence.

I am starting to analyze people, and their actions/ energies. It seems the most confident prevail. So, naturally, I cannot stand to not be better. It is in my nature to surpass the masses. But I am now realizing I will never do that, until I find love in myself, and confidence within myself.

Its hard to just click that on. One day, out of the blue you cannot just become confident. You actually have to feel it.

Well, this is a journey I must set to perfect.

Have you ever felt stuck?

People are telling you exactly what to do, and how to do it.

You know it could be ‘right’ but it is only ‘right’ for them, and not for you, in reality.

This is when you have to realize you need to tailor your life. The material world is demanding, and obscure. Do you want to be an item of clothing, that is too loose? Do you want to pay to go get it sewn tighter?

Or would it be right; to do it yourself, and find out exactly, how you like it?



Suddenly, as you are investing your brain into thinking of your inpurites and distain, a slow stampede of thoughts, starts to simmer within your core.

Your investments have been cut short, and your aim veers left.

Your brain becomes your heart, and you cannot control your lungs. You become someone else for that time; you know it is right.

To understand them, is to understand you.


Never have I ever.

The worst is when you are screaming; You are in a soundproof room,they all see your mouth moving , yet the tears running down your face is all that is certain.The tears are telling all, because the darkness has no senses.

Never have I ever been wrong, about how those perceive the ambiguity of the existence of it, and what it yearns for.

Sometimes you will be right about the other’s wrongs, and that, is when you are alone.